Without 'giant umbrella' of this, loose land that receive high rainfall will gradually be eroded and eroded. So, with that, will sekitarnyapun areas prone to landslide hazards. If the benefits of forests as catchment areas related to the balance of water conditions, when its function as an 'umbrella giant associated with the condition of the soil surface, datehookup login then as the' lungs of the world 'hutanpun' responsible 'on the balance of temperature and climate.

See the location, forest earth was divided into three major groups: tropical forests, subtropical forest (temperate), and the boreal forest. Brazil and Indonesia is the country with the largest acreage of tropical forests in the world. Indonesia's own forest land area is 140.3 million hectares, with details of: 30.8 million hectares of protected forests; 18.8 million hectares of natural reserves and national parks; 64.3 million hectares of production forests; 26.6 million hectares of forest were allocated for conversion into agricultural land, housing, transmigration, and so forth. Of the data and the details, meaning about 54% of our country's total land area is forest.

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